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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> Ammo (Package: Engine)

The parent class for all Ammo Pickup.

For state behavoir of this item refer to the parent class Pickup.


int AmmoAmount
The amount of ammo contained in the ammo pickup.


Inherited From Pickup

float BotDesireability (Pawn Bot)
This determines the AI for desireability of the item. If the Pawn doesn't have the weapon it does not desire this weapon. If it has the weapon it then determines its desire from the MaxDesirability divided by the PathWeight.
float DetourWeight (Pawn Other, float PathWeight)
If the bot is hunting a player or has max ammo the desireability is very low. If the bot doesn't have the weapon then it wants the ammo at 35% of the MaxDesirability. If it has the weapon and no ammo then the bot desires it at MaxDesirability.
Inventory SpawnCopy (Pawn Other)
Calls the Pickup SpawnCopy but simply appends the AmmoAmount to the Ammo pickup that was copied.

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