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Welcome to the Unreal Wiki. The Unreal Wiki is an open, collaborative site, aiming to gather reference, tutorials and ideas for the Unreal engine. It is written by a large number of mappers, coders and modellers. Everybody is invited to contribute; everybody is an editor – including you!

Need help finding your way around? Read Using The Wiki to get started, or use the Search function. Use the Quick Navigation menu at the top to navigate within a page. To find out more about how the site operates, see the MetaTopics page.

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Never use an offline reader to download the entire Wiki. If you do, we will ban you instantly and permanently. Offline readers put an insane stress on the web server because they follow each and every of the processing-intensive maintenance links on the Wiki that are used only seldomly by real people. Don't say you haven't been warned.

We're providing the entire Wiki content as a convenient single download on Offline Wiki though. It's smaller, zipped and downloads faster than what any offline reader could give you. Of course you can also save individual pages using your web browser without problems.


The Unreal Wiki holds many tutorials on a variety of subjects. Here are some starting points:



These pages organize information on using UnrealEd to make maps into separate topic areas.

Topics on Mapping is the starting point for anything about map creation in Unreal. Here's a quick selection:


Covers how to write new code for the Unreal series of games. For the most part, this is done in the custom scripting language UnrealScript, although it can also be done in other languages such as C++ or Java.


Links found in this section explain techniques used in modelling. This covers, player/weapon/static mesh modelling and also covers topics for skinning, as well as converting your model and getting it into the game.

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Basically, authors retain ownership. Permissions are extended to reasonable use on the world wide web. Permission is granted to reference (link to), but not copy, content on this site unless within the bounds of "fair use".

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