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This is the header page for metatopics: topics about the project. If you are new to the project, you may want to read New Contributors Quick Start.



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Making the most of the wiki system & general guidelines on editing & creating pages:



  • Project Skins : how to set custom styles for the project and create your own.
  • Wiki Sidebar : You can edit the wiki's sidebar!



Gehn: What is the point of the forum if people who know anything about UScript never visit it? Worth wasted bandwidth?

Tarquin: The forum is for quetions about the operation of the wiki, not UnrealScript etc

"Wiki is like a huge jigsaw puzzle you work on with lots of friends: you take the box and tip everything out onto the floor you then root around and pick out pieces that look interesting. Over time people tend to find a spot they like and work there. When you put pieces together to make a part of the picture, you're creating small pockets of order which eventually can be joined up with other sections." – Tarquin

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