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Category Category

Many (but not all) pages on the Unreal Wiki are part of one (or several) of the following categories. Go to one of the category pages to get a list of all pages in it.

General mapping and modding topics.
Topics on different aspects of editing the game.
Topics and reference pages revolving around UnrealScript.
Wiki Community
Topics related to the community around the Unreal Wiki.
Wiki Management
Special tags and links for internal use.
  • WikiTag – special page links that can be used to tag a page for a certain meaning
  • Category To Do – pages that are in need of additional information or an overhaul


How does the category system work?

The Category system is a Wiki logo ReverseIndex: To belong to a category, a page is tagged with the linked name of that category, usually at end of the text. That link takes you to a category page that lists all tagged pages.

Basically, every page is backwards-linked to its category page, but the category page doesn't have links back, it just has the ability to be searched and display a list of pages in that category – however, if you're bored or you have a minute to spare, you can add a "hard-coded" index to a Category page, but because this list can become outdated, bear in mind when navigating the system that you'll always get the freshest list by clicking the title.

This page is Category Category, the category of category pages. See below for a list of all categories on this wiki.

Adding a page to a category

Simply add a normal link to the category page in question to the bottom of the page. It is customary to make the category link the last item on a page (even after a discussion) and to add a horizontal ruler directly above it:

  [[Category Rant]]

If a page belongs to several categories, simply add all applicable category page links in distinct lines, separated by \\ for a line break (as opposed to a paragraph break):

  [[Category Personal Page]] \\
  [[Category Rant]]

Adding a non-categorizing link to a category page

If you want to link to a category page without making the page this link is on part of that category (like, if you want to link to Category Personal Page from a general topic page), add an extra vertical bar at the end of the link:

  Check [[Category Personal Page|]] for a list of personal pages.

Suggesting new categories

To suggest a new category, add a comment on the /Discuss subpage.

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