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Topics On Mapping

This page is the starting point for all topics of Mapping, that is, the creation of gaming areas with the Unreal Engine. Beginners should move over to the Mapping Lessons page.


This section covers general planning, layout, gameplay and flow: map design as an overall whole.

Building Worlds

The technical specifics of creating the world. BSP, terrain, static meshes, skyboxes, PlayerStarts. For a gentle introduction to this, follow the Mapping Lessons. The technical concepts involved are explained on Unreal World.

Visual Design

Using textures, lighting, materials.

  • [Using materials]?
  • [Creating materials]?
  • Lighting

Bot Support

Pathing, jump spots, doors...


Realisticness, triggers, custom components, interactivity...


Exploding Stuff

Liquids and Water





Static Meshes

Techniques / Troubleshooting / Documents



Related Links

External Links


CorDharel: I always wanted to know: Do I have to know how to work with actors if I don't map and just code? Or did I oversee the page where this is described for coders? If you are a coder, can you map?

EntropicLqd: There isn't much you can do in code without working with/touching on an Actor. Every object the player can interact with is an Actor (at least I can't think of any exceptions off the top of my head). Also, just because you can write great code doesn't mean your maps will be great, or even that you'll understand everything you need to do to make them. I can write mods for Unreal Engine games pretty easily. I have no idea how the new materials/texture stuff works in UT2003, and my maps are generally pretty awful. In the next version of the Unreal Engine I'm fully expecting to not even be able to build DM-OnNoNotAnotherCube.

MythOpus: I am a mapper myself and I work with actors ALL the time. However I don't know a lot about coding and if you have to end up coding and actor its probably because your trying to make something advanced. I generally do not have anything to do with coding. I just place and actor, and change its default properties.

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